The Town

The town of El Tunco is small. There are two main (paved) streets (which are currently under construction as of 07/2020) with one entrance (on the weekend cars pay an entrance fee which goes to the town board) and one exit. The town is extremely slow-paced and has an incredibly familiar feel.

The integrity of the authentic local culture remains intact, despite the influx of tourists and expats that inhabit this beach town. This in part is due to the strong influence of local families on the town board and running a large majority of staple businesses.

Once you have been around town once or twice, you will feel as though you know it and will be sure to see some familiar faces. The locals are wonderfully accepting and friendly to tourists. They take great measures to make sure everyone becomes acquainted very quickly. Whether that is on the beach, in the water, taking a surf lesson, Spanish lesson, yoga class, joining in on a waterfall tour, dining at one of the various restaurants, at the bar or in the street.

Everyone is happy to be your “guide” and let you know where to go. For many people, this is one of the greatest draws to El Tunco and besides the surf it is for the highly active nightlife. It is an unacclaimed party beach town and there are several bars and hangout spots within these two small streets. Having a few drinks on the beach or in the street is not uncommon. Gastronomically speaking, the town offers a variety of options.