The Beach

El Tunco, is a beautiful black sand beach that comes in part from volcanic eruptions. El Tunco in Salvadoran slang, or Caliche, means Pig. The beach itself, which technically begins after the Rio Grande river stretches past the “town” and runs into Sunzal (the neighboring community).

There are several surf points that also serve as indicators as to where you are located on the beach.

During summer months the beach is very rocky and not ideal for sunbathing and is rough for swimming, but it turns into a beautiful stretch of black sand during winter months. This beach, with its iconic Tunco or pig-shaped rock, has epic sunsets. It is truly the best time of day; the entire town gets together to chill out and watch the sun go down.

If you are not surfing yourself, you can sit and watch the surfers at the Bocanita/Bocana points while relaxing, having a cold beer or michelada, or enjoying some beats at one of the beachfront bars/restaurants.