The river mouth of Rio Grande helps to create the consistently famed left and right point breaks, which are one of the many reasons surfers flock to this popular beach destination. This break is called La Bocana (or the river’s mouth) and runs right into the next point break, La Bocanita (the small river mouth), which runs into the famed Pig-like rock formation.

On the other side of the Tunco rock, which for many daredevils is also a fun place to climb to the top and hang out before jumping from the other side into Sunzalito. The beach break on the far side of the beach is also a great swimming point and in summer months (Oct-Jan) this side becomes a beautiful stretch of black sand. If you continue down the beach from this point you are now in Sunzal, the next town over.

The most beginner-friendly point break is called Sunzalon or mainly referred to as Sunzal (the same as town name), where once you are able to paddle out on your own and with your huge foam board, long board or short board, you can join the masses that crowd this point to better their form and congregate with local suffers.

Surf Schools & Surfboard Repair

There are several surf schools in town that all offer great prices and local instructors. For example:

  • Tunco Surf School and Tours
  • Wayo Surf School

If your board breaks, you need advice or you are just looking to buy a new board, head over to the two schools mentioned above and check out these additional board repair shops below:

  • Papaya Lodge
  • Juan Carlos’ Board Repair

If you’re looking for activities to do outside of El Tunco, waterfall tours, beach tours, city tours, etc, you can turn to Tunco Surf School and Tours, Wayo Surf School and Tunco Life.